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Conrado Aparicio
Principal Investigator

Conrado has materials science and engineering background. He is a leader in functionalization of biomaterial surfaces and tissue interfaces with bio-inspired molecules for boosting their bioactivity and antimicrobial properties. He is also interested in biomimetic processes of mineralization, biomolecular self-assembly, and their potential to develop new materials as well as to understand healthy and pathological processes. His lab has studied bio/non-bio interactions and developed technologies for implants, constructs and scaffolds in the dental, orthopedic, and other biomedical fields. Conrado loves multidisciplinary research and his goal is to apply it to translate to the clinics an array of biomaterials with improved preventive, reparative, and therapeutic properties.


Conrado has published over 100 articles. He also directs collaborations with industrial partners of the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics (MDRCBB). He has issued numerous patents, some of which have been licensed to produce successful technologies and products in the dental field. He has lectured around the World and has a successful record of collaborations with national and international research groups. He is an active member in (bio)engineering, dental, and orthopedic professional societies. Conrado has received prestigious awards for his excellence in research and teaching and his students have also won multiple awards in International research forums.


Conrado loves running and biking, listening to music (only if it is good), watching sports, his dog Bear, travelling places with his wife Jane, and all of his family and friends.

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